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Interior Decoration
and Finishing

Stucco Calce

Technical sheet for the STUCCO CALCE
Description: stucco for interior decoration.
Main Characteristics: only one coat needed for a very shining effect easy application Ready to use:stir carefully before application.
Directions for use: smooth the surface with the žBackground for Stucco CalceÓ (see specific datasheet); once dry apply sandpaper n. 180/220 and remove the dust with a dry brush or with a cloth damped in 94É alcohol. Apply one coat of "Stucco Calce" on the wall carefully passing over with the clean tool to remove any stucco running. After about 4 hours, when dry, it is possible to repeat the application to increase the decorative polished effect
Drying: 6/8 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.
Colour: White and 7 base colours, that can be freely mixed: Lemon Yellow, Mint Green, Tropical Yellow, Smoke Gray, Venetian Red, Sky Blue, Tobacco; universal dyes can also be used; the final effect is very shining.
Yield: 5-10 smq / kg
Tools: stainless steel rectangular trowel. The tools size can be changed according to each application requirements
Working temperature: above 10 ÉC.
Polishing process: polish the surface repeatedly passing over with the clean inox trowel, until the desired polished effect is achieved; it is important to perform this operation after applying a small quantity of "Stucco Calce" (about 1 sqm.). When dry the "Stucco Calce" can be polished with difficulty.
Shelf life: unlimited in a fresh room closed in the original container. When part of the content has been used, the remaining quantity will keep well if carefully closed in the original container.
Tools cleaning: Plain water and detergent.
Reparirable: in case of damages or wall cracks, the coat of "Stucco Calce" can be repaired.
Hints: Apply and remove completely without leaving any thickness.
Manpower: 4/5 sqm/hour of finished wall.
For cleaning use only water and neutral soap (wait at least 3 days after the product application 
The product is caustic and irritanting; keep far from the eyes; in case of contact wash generously with water and consult a physician

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