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Interior Decoration
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Stucco Relax

Technical sheet for the STUCCO RELAX
Description: Natural non-synthetic stucco for interior decoration.
Main Characteristics:

Natural: absence of any acrylic or synthetic resin, composition is based on vegetal resins and pure baked quality lineseed oils.

Directions for use:

Apply above the special background for Madreperlato (see specific datasheet). Soak the sponge in the stucco, squeeze it carefully and touch the surface at will. The application can be repeated if a stronger color is desired.

Drying: 6/8 hours, depending on temperature and humidity.
Colour: All shades available for the Stucco Madreperlato; the final result is always satin. The resulting shade, because of the application technique, will be lighter than the corresponding Madreperlato shade.
Yield: 60/70 smq with 500 ml of stucco diluted with 500 ml of water.
Dilution: Mix it 1:1 with clean plain water.
Tools: Natural sea-sponge.
Working temperature: Above 5 °C.
Hints: Repeated applications: if the next day after the stucco application you need to correct part of the walls with a stronger color shade, it can be done without re-preparing the wall with sandpaper. The "Stucco Relax" can be re-applied anytime without any problem.
Shelf life: unlimited in a fresh and dry room closed in its original container, even when partially used
Tools cleaning: Plain water and detergent.
Advantages: Odorless, doesn't attract the dust, transpiring, fireproof
Manpower: 15/20 sqm/hour of finished wall.
For cleaning use only alcohol at 94 C proof or higher.
No special tool or technique is required to remove the "Stucco Relax”: 2 coats of standard paint are enough to cover the wall.

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