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Interior Decoration
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Stucco for Wood

Technical sheeet of theSOFT STUCCO FOR WOOD
Description: Special stucco for wood repair
  • the soft fat stucco for wood is particularly suitable for exterior works (doors, balconies)
  • the soft stucco for coloured wood is particularly suitable for interior restoration works (chairs, furniture)
Main Characteristics:
  • ready  to use: add only a little water if needed
  • odorless: absence of any acrylic resin from the composition; can be applied even in a closed room
  • non toxic: made only with natural products; in case of contact with the skin rinse with water, do not use any solvent
  • the composition based on vegetal resins and pure baked quality lineseed oils make it exceptionally elastic, very viscous and easily workable; ideal for repairing doors and windows, even when very damaged
Directions for use: After carefully cleaning the damaged surface, apply a first thin layer.  Apply several layers as needed, waiting 1-2 hours in between (approximate time at 18 ÉC)
Before smoothing with sandpaper, wait for a complete drying, then apply the paint at will.
  • soft fat stucco for wood: white, green, maroon
  • soft stucco for coloured wood: fir, pine, medium walnut, dark walnut, dark duglas, mahogany
Yield: Depends on the type of work
Tools: Stainless steel trowels; sizes as needed
Working temperature: Any
Hints: Clean well the surface before the application of the stucco, apply several times in thin layers, wait the necessary drying time
Shelf life: 3-4 years in a fresh and dry room in the original container
Tools cleaning: Water
IMPORTANT: The wood surfaces treatead with the soft fat stucco for wood cannot be painted with water-based paints
The wood surfaces treatead with soft stucco for coloured wood can then be worked on with waxes, water-based, alchool-based, solvent-based and impregnating paints

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