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Interior Decoration
and Finishing

Stucco Antiche Tradizioni

Technical sheet for the STUCCO "PRIMO"
background for the Stucco Antiche Tradizioni
Description: Special plaster for the Stucco Antiche Tradizioni
Main characteristics:
  • the application is very simple: apply with a brush over an already painted surface without stripping or using sandpaper; the only requirement is a good condition of the underlying plaster
  • ready to use: diluite adding 30-40% of water
  • non toxic, made with vegetal resins and pure baked quality lineseed oils
  • in case of contact with the skin, rinse with plain water.
Direction to use: Apply one coat of water-based primer before the stucco "PRIMO". Above water-based paints or good (smooth) gypsum plaster apply one coat of stucco "Primo". Above paints or plaster in bad conditions (porous) before the coat of stucco Primo smooth the surface with one coat of stucco for large surfaces EXTRA.
If the colour of the surface is very different from the Stucco Antiche Tradizioni that you have chosen to apply, first apply a coat of normal paint with a shade matching the stucco "PRIMO" and then the stucco "PRIMO".
Drying: 4 hours minimum (at 18-20 ÉC)
Colour: All shades available for the Stucco Madreperlato
Yield: 8-10 sqm/liter of diluted product
Diluition: Add 30-40% of water.
Tools: Brush
Working temperature: Above 10 ÉC
Shelf life: Unlimited time in a fresh and dry room in the original container, even when partially used
Tools cleaning: Warm water
IMPORTANT: before application stir very well the stucco inside his container; apply the stucco "PRIMO" using the same colour shade of the stucco "Antiche Tradizioni"


Technical sheet for the STUCCO ANTICHE TRADIZIONI
Description: Natural non-synthetic stucco for interior decoration
Main characteristics:
  • natural: absence of any acrylic or synthetic resin, composition based on vegetal resins and pure baked quality lineseed oils.
  • application speed: in one hour it is possibile to finish 7-8 sqm
  • ready to use (it is not necessary to mix it with colours)
  • odorless: can be applied in any season, even with closed windows
  • non toxic: in the case of contact with the skin rinse with water
Transpiration: The totally natural composition does not affect the wall transpiration characteristics
Fireproof: Our tests confirm that it is fireproof; we estimate that the "Stucco Antiche Tradizioni" will be certified to comply with class 0 (maximum fire resistance)
Working temperature: Above 5 ÉC.
Directions for use: Apply above the background "PRIMO". Apply one opaque coat of Antiche Tradizioni, without any burnishing action; after one hour apply a second coat
Drying: 6/8 hours, depending on temperature and humidity
Colour: All shades available for the Stucco Madreperlato; the final result is always medium shining
Yield: 20/24 sqm/liter of diluted product
Burnishing: The Stucco Antiche Tradizioni does not need to be treated with any kind of wax. The best shining effect is obtained applying the second coat for only 3-4 sqm. and then repeatedly passing over with the stainless steel trowel while the stucco is drying up.
Once dryed up, the shining effect can't be increased.
Use the trowel in the shining action exactly like during the application phase; there is no need to use it diagonally from bottom to top like generally done with synthetic products.
Repairability: If the next day after the stucco application you need to correct part of the walls with a stronger colour shade, even if the wall has already received the shining treatment, do not use any sandpaper.
Just apply a new coat over the previous stucco.
Tools: stainless steel triangular or rectangular trowel
Shelf life: unlimited time in its original container
Tools cleaning: water
IMPORTANT: If you need to remove the stucco Antiche Tradizioni, it is not neccesary to use any special procedure; two coats of paint are enough to cover it

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