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Interior Decoration
and Finishing

Stucco Marmorino Plus

Technical sheet for the STUCCO MARMORINO
Description: Natural non-synthetic stucco for interior decoration
Main Characteristics: High viscosity, final   appearance  is  glossy
  • with the STUCCO MARMORINO PLUS the surface is glossy
  • with the STUCCO MARMORINO PLUS + the surface is "mirror-like"
  • the STUCCO MARMORINO PLUS WATERPROOF is water-repellent: the walls painted with this stucco can be cleaned with water and mild liquid soap
Easy to apply: Even people with little experience can obtain good results
Directions for use: Depending on your choice, prepare the wall with the background for waterproof or with the background for large surfaces EXTRA; apply the first coat of stucco marmorino; after about 4 hours (when dried-up) apply the second and final coat; when 2-3 square meters are covered, while the stucco is still wet, make the surface shine repeatedly passing over the surface with a clean trowel, until the desired degree of shine is obtained
Repeat application: If on the next day you want to correct the stucco marmorino plus o plus + (this is not possible with the waterproof version) in order to increase the shade, even if the wall has already been worked to make it shine, don't use sandpaper. The stucco marmorino plus can be applied again over the finished surface
Colour: White and 7 base colours, that can be freely mixed: Lemon Yellow, Mint Green, Tropical Yellow, Smoke Gray, Venetian Red, Sky Blue, Tobacco; universal dyes can also be used
Yield: 15-20 sqm/liter
Repairable: In case of cracks or wall damages, the paint can be easily repaired
Dilution: Ready to use; if the wall is particularly dry, water down just a little
Tools: Stainless steel rectangular trowel
Working temperature: Above 5 ÉC
Hints: Apply very thin layers, remove any remaining thickness
Shelf life: Unlimited time in a fresh and dry room in the original container, even when partially used
Advantages: Odorless (absence of any acrylic resin from the formulation), transpiring (the totally natural composition does not affect the wall transpiration characteristics), doesn't attract the dust, fireproof, easy to apply and repair

For the stucco Marmorino Plus and Marmorino Plus + use only alcohol 94 ÉC proof
For the stucco Marmorino Plus Waterproof
clean the walls with water and mild liquid soap, after 72 hours from the product application

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