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Interior Decoration
and Finishing

Stucco Madreperlato

Description: Special background for the self-shining stucco madreperlato.
Main Characteristics: The   non  synthetic  formulation of this product guarantees an easy application.
The sprayed background must be applied with the spray-gun. The  special  formulation for sprayed application allows significant time savings for very large surfaces and better results on curved and irregular surfaces like columns or stepped ceilings.
Directions for use: For the normal background apply one coat; wait 2-3 hours (at 18 C) then smooth with sandpaper N 180; clean the surface from the dust with a cloth wetted with 94 C proof alchool.
If the wall is very porous apply a second layer, always remembering to smooth with sandpaper N180/220 between the two layers and to clean the surface from dust.
For the sprayed backgroundapply one coat of stucco with the spray-gun, after 50% dilution with water.
The wall is now ready to proceed with the finishing single-coat self-shining stucco madreperlato
Colour: White
Yield: 5/6 sqm/kg normal version, 10 sqm/liter sprayed version
Dilution: Normal version ready to use; sprayed version use 50% dilution with water
Tools: Stainless steel rectangular trowel for the normal version
For the sprayed version use a spray-gun with 1.7 mm nozzle, at 3 atmospheres of pressure.
Working temperature: Normal version above 5 ÉC.
Sprayed version above 10 ÉC.
Hints: Apply very thin layers
Shelf life: Normal version unlimited in a fresh and dry room closed in its original container, even when partially used
Sprayed version 4-5 years in a fresh and dry room UNDILUTED in the original container
Tools cleaning: Water
Advantages: Over this white background you can apply directly the self-shining stucco madreperlato of the colour that you like.


Technical sheet for the finishing STUCCO MADREPERLATO
Description: Finishing single-coat self-shining stucco for interior decoration.
Main Characteristics: Totally natural, fireproof, high viscosity, final look is similar to silk
Easy Application: Even people with little experience can obtain good results
Direction to use: Apply above the special backgrounds for stucco madreperlato, after careful smoothing with sandpaper #180 and removal of the dust with a dry brush. Place on a triangular  trowel a thin layer of stucco madreperlato and touch several spots of the desired colour 10 cm apart. Then fill the spaces with more spots until the complete surface is covered. Any thick spot must be carefully removed with the trowel, leaving only the colour. Only one coat is sufficient to create the characteristic pattern. Can be easily removed without heavy treatments or solvents: just two coats of paint are sufficient
Colour: White and 28 calibrated colours: four shades each of Straw Yellow, Old Times Pink, Green, Light Blue, Tawny, Ivory, Gray
Yield: 20-28 sqm/l
Dilution: Ready to use; where necessary water down with plain water
Tools: Stainless steel triangular or rectangular trowel
Working temperature: Any
Hints: Apply very thin layers, remove any remaining thickness
Shelf life: Unlimited in a fresh and dry room closed in its original container, even when partially used (but UNDILUTED)
Advantages: Odorless, doesn't attract the dust, transpiring, fireproof
Maintenance: For the normal stucco Madreperlato use only alcohol 94 ÉC proof
For the stucco Madreperlato Waterproof
clean the walls with water and mild liquid soap, after 72 hours from the product application

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