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Background for Waterproof

Technical sheet of the BACKGROUND for WATERPROOF
Description: Special background for the waterproof stucco madreperlato, marmorino plus and lucido veneziano
Main characteristics: High viscosity, easy processing; it is odorless and can be applied in any season
Dilution: Ready to use
Tools Stainless steel rectangular trowel
Direction to use: For marmorino plus and lucido veneziano apply 1 coat of Background for Waterproof.
For stucco madreperlato apply 2 coats of Background for Waterproof waiting one hour between them (at 18/20 ÉC).
Once dried up smooth with sandpaper #180. Remove the dust from the wall with a dry brush before proceeding with the finish
Colour: White
Shelf life Unlimited time in a fresh and dry room in the original container
Yield: 18-20 sqm/liter


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3 l 71.43 Euro
6 l 134.33 Euro
15 l 302.13 Euro


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