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Stucco Rete

Technical sheet for the STUCCO RETE
Description: Plaster for application of fiberglass net and/or filling of powdery and rough walls.
Main characteristics Background plaster for consolidation of wall surfaces to be treated with decorative stucco
Directions for use: Net application
Lay the net flat on the surface and apply the plaster using some pressure; at least two layers of Stucco Rete are needed to "drown" the net completely. Complete smoothing wtih one coat of "Plaster for Large Surfaces".
Filler for powdery and rough walls
Apply one coat of primer and then proceed as for a net application.
Yield: 0.66 sqm / kg
Drying: Wait one hour at 18 C between layers; wait 2-3 hours for complete drying before using sandpaper. Time intervals change with temperature, humidity and background characteristics
Dilution: Ready to use; if the wall is particularly dry, water down just a little
Tools: Stainless steel triangular or rectangular trowel
Working temperature Above 10 ÉC
Hints: Apply very thin layers
Shelf life: Unlimited in a fresh room closed in the original container. If part of the content has been used (but still undiluted), close carefully the container and the remainder will still be usable for long time.
Tools cleaning: Plain water
Sandpaper: Wait 2-3 hours Aat 18 ÉC for complete drying before using sandpaper
Important: Surfaces treated with our Stucco Rete may be painted after applying one coat of primer.

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Plaster for large surfaces - Stucco Rete - Background for waterproof - Background for Stucco Calce

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