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Interior Decoration
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Stucco Calce

fai click per vedermi a pieno schermo The stucco Calce is the modern version of the classical lime-based venetian stucco, re-elaborated by Sama.

Our stucco Calce is applied with two coats only instead of the four coats typical of the traditional technique, one to prepare the wall with the Background for Stucco Calce and one to finish with the stucco Calce.

fai click per vedermi a pieno schermo  
The stucco Calce is available in its natural white shade and in the same base colors of marmorino.
It can also be tinted with traditional good quality paste colours.

The application technique with only two coats means a considerable cost reduction both for the lower amount of base materials and - above all - for the reduced working time.

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Click here for the technical sheet of the Backgtround for Stucco Calce.


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fai click per vedermi a pieno schermo

The technical sheet of the stucco Calce is just one click away.

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25 kg. - white 41.60 Euro
25 kg. - colored 47.50 Euro

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Plaster for large surfaces - Stucco Rete - Background for waterproof - Background for Stucco Calce

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