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Interior Decoration
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Stucco Relax

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The Stucco Relax is available in ***  MANY MANY COLOURS  ***
It is very difficult to display the delicate effects of the Stucco Relax on a computer screen. Clicking the small images you will open a new window with a full screen image.

The Stucco Relax is extremely easy to apply. It is the most suitable for the "Do It Yurself" in our complete products range.
While its special formula commands the highest unit price between all our products, its extremely high yield (60/70 sqm/liter) and its application speed (15/20 sqm/hour) make it a viable alternative to usual paints providing an excellent visual effect and remaining competitive in cost.

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Our prices (V.A.T. excluded)



0.5 l 51.54 Euro (minimum 3 l)
3 l

279.40 Euro

Madreperlato - Relax - Marmorino - Lucido Veneziano - Antiche Tradizioni - Stucco for wood - Calce
Plaster for large surfaces - Stucco Rete - Background for waterproof - Background for Stucco Calce

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