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Interior Decoration
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Stucco for Wood

Maybe you have a solid walnut cupboard damaged and pierced.
Probably it was inherited from your grand-grandmother and it is very old.
Why throw it away when you can give it a new life?

With our range of stucco for wood anything is possible.
Windows and doors damaged by the passing time recover their original
shape and efficiency thanks to our two products:

Stucco for coloured wood

Fat Stucco for wood

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STUCCO FOR COLOURED WOOD (white, green, brown)

STUCCO FOR COLOURED WOOD (fir, pine, medium walnut, dark walnut,dark duglas, mahogany)
1 kg 5.42 Euro 250 ml. 4.08 Euro
5 kg 24.53 Euro  
10 kg 46.17 Euro

Madreperlato - Relax - Marmorino - Lucido Veneziano - Antiche Tradizioni - Stucco for wood - Calce
Plaster for large surfaces - Stucco Rete - Background for waterproof - Background for Stucco Calce

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