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Nuovo Stucco Lucido Veneziano

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The Nuovo stucco Lucido Veneziano (new shining venetian stucco) is a totally new concept made exclusively with vegetal resins, mixed with pure baked quality lineseed oils; the formulation is totally non synthetic.

It is a NATURAL and NON TOXIC product, ideal for interior decoration.
It is READY TO USE, EASY TO APPLY and you need ONLY WATER for his dilution.

The special formulation of our Lucido Veneziano reduces the number of coats form 4/5 of traditional products to just 2, a "filling" coat and a "shining" coat.

Note: the waterproof version has a small percentage of synthetic resin, for obvious reasons.

The product is available in 3 versions:

Nuovo Stucco Lucido Veneziano

Nuovo Stucco Lucido Veneziano +

Nuovo Stucco Lucido Veneziano Waterproof

The technical sheets are just one click away

NEW: we have a PROTECTIVE CREAM for the Nuovo Stucco Lucido Veneziano.

Our prices (V.A.T.excluded)

Nuovo Stucco Lucido Veneziano



1 k

8.52 Euro 10.33 Euro 27.63 Euro (min.3l) 29.18 Euro (min.3l)

5 kg

40.62 Euro 47.33 Euro    

10 kg

75.79 Euro 87.41 Euro    

25 kg

167.07 Euro 191.17 Euro    


1 l

15.75 Euro

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