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Natural products
to protect your health

Our products are safe for your health
   Synthetic paints are a concern in modern houses. Made from chemical compounds (resins and solvents are mostly oil derivatives), they are very toxic and become a threat for your health. They are dangerous for inhalation as well, particularly for people with allergy problems. Their poisonous vapors pollute the rooms for years.
   Synthetic paints are mostly impermeable to the water vapor, which means that they will not let the walls breathe and as result create electrostatic fields that attract dust and bacteria.

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The use of synthetic paints has increased worldwide the incidence of respiratory illnesses, of skin eruptions and of allergies linked to the living spaces.

The alternative:
use  natural products

The Stucco Madreperlato Autolucidante (Self-Shining Mother of Pearl Stucco) and the Nuovo Stucco Lucido Veneziano (New Shining Venetian Stucco) are only two examples from our non synthetic products range made from totally innocuous raw materials: vegetable resins, calcium sulfate and water.

The values of our products

  • Transpiring/Breathable
  • Non toxic
  • Odorless (they can be applied in closed rooms with little airing, without fear of harmful, irritating or bad-smelling vapors)
  • Fireproof (no solvents in the composition)
  • Guarantee of maximum hygiene (to be cleaned with alcohol).
  • Ease of application (you can Do It Yourself)


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