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Interior Decoration
and Finishing

Remove the old wallpaper - An already painted wall - Most common wall flaws - Apply yourself the stucco

"Do it yourself" with one of our stucco

Background preparation

1. Smooth the surface with one or more layers of plaster.

2. Wait at least a couple of hours between the first and second layer.

3. Start from the bottom right, keep plastering towards the left, working a strip about 40 cm high.

4. Once reached the left corner [1] repeat the same job, this time from left to the right, from the dry corner to meet the wet zone [2]. Once arrived at the right corner, repeat again from left to right [3].
3.6KB Lisciatura delle pareti

Stucco marmorino

3KB 1. You can apply the stucco marmorino directly on the plaster for large surfaces and in single coat, making little veiled spots with regular spaces in between, until you cover the whole surface.
2. For best results, use the rectangular trowel and cover at least 10 sqm with 500 ml of marmorino. The marmorino coating can be easily cleaned and repaired if necessary.  image 3.2KB

Stucco madreperlato

image 2.4KB 1. Smooth the surface with two thin layers of background stucco, using the rectangular trowel, separated by a one hour interval. You can cover 6 sqm with 1 kg of background stucco. It ships ready for use, but you may add some water if necessary.
2. The surface must be perfectly smooth, so finish with sandpaper #180 after two or three hours, where the wall isn't completely regular. Then remove the dust with a brush and clean the wall with alcohol. image 5.8KB
image 4.9KB 3. Then start with the stucco madreperlato: touch several spots of the desired colour until the complete surface is covered. Any spot thickness must be carefully removed with the trowel, leaving only the colour. Perform this task with a triangular trowel.


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